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Paris Air Show 2017: Proven EO/IR Detection Technology Applied to Aviation Safety

Published on: 19 June 2017

The Company’s SPIDER automatic detection and tracking system is successfully implemented for bird and wildlife detection

Paris Air Show 2017, Le Bourget, June 19-25, Hall 3, Stand C2

19 June 2017 – CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd., a world leader in Electro Optics and InfraRed (EO/IR) technology for surveillance, defense and homeland security solutions, will highlight its solutions for aviation safety at Paris Air Show 2017.

CONTROP’s SPIDER automatic detection and tracking system can help prevent collisions between aircraft and individual birds or flocks of birds or other wildlife, be they in the sky, on the ground, or near the runway. The SPIDER system provides automated scanning and real-time warnings without the need for user interaction.

In addition, the SPIDER system provides continuous scanning of runway, taxiway and other tarmac surfaces to detect the presence of wildlife. The integrated and comprehensive system is capable of simultaneously scanning for wildlife on all tarmac surfaces within the vicinity and between aircraft movements. The system is capable of automatically scanning for other types of targets as well.

CONTROP SPIDER System for Runway and Aviation Safety for Bird and Wildlife Detection

The SPIDER system has been tested in many of the most challenging airfield environments and exceeds all requirements of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular for Detection Systems. After having been evaluated by the FAA at New York’s La Guardia Airport, the SPIDER was then deployed by the FAA at Whidbey Island, Washington, USA.

Adapted from CONTROP’s globally deployed and proven automatic intruder detection systems, the SPIDER system for runway and aviation safety for bird and wildlife detection integrates a Thermal Imaging Infrared (IR) Camera with advanced Electro-Optics, a Day Camera and a Laser Range Finder. The combination of the continuous zoom lens of the IR camera and the full-color live video cameras, allows CONTROP systems to automatically perform wide area surveillance, providing highly accurate real-time day and night detection and tracking

About CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd.

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. specializes in the development and production of high performance Electro-Optical Infrared (EO/IR) and Precision Motion Control Systems.

Established in 1988, CONTROP’s innovative products are used for Surveillance, Defense and Homeland Security applications.

Operationally proven in many of the world’s most challenging surveillance and defense programs, the company’s wide range of solutions include: automatic passive Intruder Detection Systems, Stabilized Observation Payloads, Thermal Imaging Cameras with Continuous Zoom and Image Enhancement capabilities, and more.

CONTROP’s products are deployed in critical air, land and maritime installations for day/night airport perimeter surveillance, coastal and border surveillance, port and harbor security, sensitive site and ground troop protection; onboard UAVs, aerostats, balloons, helicopters, light aircraft (A/C), maritime patrol boats and ground vehicles.

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