Automatic Intruder Detection

Automatic Intruder Detection

CONTROP specializes in Automatic Intruder Detection solutions using a wide variety of Scanning and Observation Systems.  These systems provide large area detection with low false-alarm rates, in areas that are often very close to authorized "innocent" activity. CONTROP's systems are tested in action to be proven and reliable.  

Though fences and intervention forces are usually a part of the solution, an early alert is often required and an intruder detection system is expected to save the burden and the cost of sending the intervention force for every detection.

This complex scenario usually dictates a solution using a daylight camera and a night vision camera, which allow the operator to visually check every alert, 24 / 7.  A reliable system should detect intruders before they reach the fence or the restricted areas. 

The CONTROP systems work simultaneously in their ability to observe the detected target while continuing the scanning for additional intruders. This capability eliminates the common dangerous scenario of giving all the attention to the first detected target and therefore not looking for another target at the same time.

CONTROP's Scanning and Observation Systems provide reliable Automatic Intruder Detection and are operationally proven worldwide.

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