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High Performance, low-SWaP EO/IR Systems

Most platforms and applications are limited in size, weight and power consumption capabilities. CONTROP provides MULTI-SKILLS high performance EO payloads in a very tight SWaP requirements.

  • High Performance Multi-Skills
  • Low SWaP solutions
  • Compact Mechanical Design

Our Low-SWaP EO Payloads’ Capabilities

CONTROP systems combine, within a single product, large number of operational capabilities, integrated within payloads weighing  from 300 grams to system of 100kg:

  • 2 to 8 passive and active sensors in a wide range of spectral bands.
  • Unique LOS control enabling high image stabilization, automatic scanning and panoramic imaging.
  • Built-in automatic video tracker, INS/GPS modules.
  • Built-in image and video real-time processing algorithms.

The ability to provide such solutions in a very low SWaP is based on more than 30 years of technical and operational experience including:

  • Compact optical and opto-mechanical design
  • Advanced mechanical design
  • Electrical (HW & SW) design – advanced and compact electronics design enabling real-time processing in a very low SWaP. The ability to run simultaneously complicated algorithms (AI networks, scanning, image processing, etc.) in a very compact payloads is a state-of-the-art accomplishment.
  • In house design of the sensors , the optics, the gimbals enables system optimization