automatic target acquisition & recognition system - SPIDER

Stabilized Panoramic Automatic Target Acquisition & Recognition System

The SPIDER  is a highly sophisticated, wide area, passive, real time, Electro-Optical stabilized Target Acquisition System which automatically detects motion in a wide panoramic view. It can be installed on towers, poles, tripods, etc.
The system incorporates a Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera with a Continuous Zoom Lens, a colored daylight TV Camera, Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder and Laser Pointer.    

The SPIDER has two modes of operation:

  • Panoramic Scan Mode with automatic target acquisition. The scan sector may be selected in azimuth and elevation axes and range. Up to ten scan sectors can be defined.    
  • Observation Mode with live video for target recognition, identification and tracking.

The system is operated and controlled by a Control and Display Unit (CDU) which is equipped with proprietary software.
The CDU is available in two options:   
     - Ruggedized CDU – for mobile and field applications.
     - Commercial PC CDU – for use in climate controlled room.


•   EO/IR Gyro-stabilized System.
•    Sensors:
          - Thermal Imaging (TI) Sensor for observation and scanning.
          - CCD Camera for observation and scanning.
          - Laser Range Finder.
          - Laser Pointer for target marking.
•   Wide panoramic scan and display.
•    Autonomous 24/7 scan.
•   Real time automatic intruder detection in Scan Mode - Virtual Fence.
•   Passive – no RF radiation.
•   Long and variable ranges for Virtual Fence of several kilometers.
•   Multi target detection.
•   Intruder recognition while scanning.
•   Intruder ID and tracking using Observation Mode.
•   Installation on poles, towers, tripods, etc.
•   Target acquisition by coordinates.
•   New concept.


  • Coastal Surveillance.
  • Border Surveillance.
  • Smuggling.
  • Illegal Immigration.
  • Perimeter Surveilllance.
  • Security of Critical Installations:
    - Airports.
    - Power Plants.
    - Fuel Storage Depots.
    - Oil Refineries.
    - Water Reservoirs.
  • Armed Forces Facilities.
  • Offshore Oil/Gas Rigs Security.
  • Military Bases Security.
  • Force Protection.