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Maritime Surveillance

Maritime Surveillance Solutions

for Naval Defense & Sea Security

CONTROP offers advanced sensor systems that are specially designed for a variety of maritime vessels and missions, including river patrol craft, unmanned surface vessels (USVs), offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) and frigates.

The iSea 25HD, 30HD and 50HD sensors are used by navies and coast guards around the world and are ruggedized to operate in demanding maritime environments, including rough sea conditions. The sensors feature high performance gyro-stabilization, which enables smooth video imagery for enhanced detection, recognition and identification (DRI) and overall situational awareness.

The iSea family provides the best value for performance for today’s naval forces, with multi-spectral day and night sensors, along with eye-safe Laser Range Finder.

  • Maritime Patrol

    Naval vessels – whether military or law enforcement – often perform patrol missions to ensure that territorial waters and exclusive economic zones (EEZ) are not being used by state or non-state actors to conduct illegal operations. Maritime patrols can be conducted to identify potential enemy activity such as surveillance missions, or detect criminal or terrorist organizations that could put people’s lives at risk. Naval vessels must be equipped with high-performance sensors to perform demanding maritime patrols and CONTROP’s iSea HD sensor family is perfectly equipped for this. The iSea 25HD, 30HD and 50HD sensors are gyro-stabilized for rough sea conditions and this allows crews to detect, recognize and identify threats from longer distances. This gives patrolling vessels greater situational awareness and a distinct tactical advantage against a range of potential threats, whether they are state or non-state actors.
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  • Maritime Search & Rescue

    Crews involved in search and rescue operations require high performance sensors that can perform in the most demanding conditions. It is vital to be able to detect stranded vessels or people as quickly as possible to save lives. CONTROP’s iSea family of sensor systems provides crews with excellent sensor imagery, including from cooled medium-wave infrared (MWIR) thermal cameras that can detect objects and people from large distances during the day and night. The addition of a short-wave IR camera, as is included in the iSea 50HD, also allows SAR crews to see through adverse meteorological conditions such as haze and fog. Additional features such as a laser range finder and IMU means that crews can accurately pinpoint vessels and people, and use accurate GPS coordinates to quickly direct assets for the rescue.
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  • River Patrol

    Small patrol boats can be used by law enforcement agencies, coast guards and military forces, with missions including border protection, search and rescue, anti-smuggling and counterterrorism. These small boats can be equipped with a range of sensors and be armed in order to provide a fast response to potential threats or incidents. CONTROP’s iSea family is optimized for riverine operations, giving personnel a high-quality sensor solution for brown water operations and boosting overall situational awareness and tactical advantage.
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