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Our Technology

Since the 90s, CONTROP is a world leader of Electro-Optical solutions for Airborne, Land and Naval applications. Providing state of the art technologies and new products for challenging operational requirements. The first IR continuous optical zoom lens in the world was developed by CONTROP. Establishing CONTROP as a world leader for Thermal Imaging. CONTROP's systems provide excellent ratio between high performances to very low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power), combining innovative and traditional core technologies into state-of-the-art leading operational solutions.

High Performance, low-SWaP EO/IR Systems

CONTROP provides MULTI-SKILLS high performance EO payloads in a very tight SWaP requirements.

Multi Spectral Imaging

The capability to observe the area-of-interest in a wide spectral band under all-weather conditions, day or night.

Laser Sensors

CONTROP develops and integrates various types of active sensors and EO channels

High Stabilization Level

CONTROP electro-mechanical LOS control is designed to provide a fast and precise gimbals movement

Image processing, Machine vision and video analytics

The world around us is an overloaded digital world, covered by large number of multi-mega-pixel sensors, generating a vast amount of bits of data.