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Laser Sensors

In addition to the observation sensors for Detection, Recognition & Identification, CONTROP develops and integrates various types of active laser sensors

  • Laser Pointers
  • Laser Designators
  • Laser Range Finders


  • Laser Pointers– pointing capabilities in a wide range of sizes, energy levels and band-widths. The laser pointers are being used for targets pointing as a synchronization aid between operational forces. CONTROP designs and develops an end-to-end solution taking into consideration power consumption and heat dissipation, boresight mechanism and operation, algorithms for synchronization and optimal operation between the active and the passive sensor.
  • Laser Designators (LD) – Targeting with Laser guided ammunition mission is one of the more complex missions for airborne systems. It requires high quality and stable image for target investigation, superb automatic tracking capabilities, precise boresight between the laser designator and the EO channels, and highly accurate LOS stabilization to ensue that the designating spot is kept on the target.
  • Laser Range Finders (LRF) – CONTROP has developed and integrated into its systems Laser Range Finders with varying range capabilities from 5km to >20km, with various repetition rates.
  • Laser Illuminator (LI) – CONTROP developed laser illuminators for night operations.