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High Stabilization Level

Most military and semi-military EO systems are usually installed on maneuvering, vibrating, and non-stable platforms, such as drones, UAV, fixed-wing and helicopters, armored vehicles, marine vessels, high mast, etc. which all generate vibrations in a wide frequencies range, harming video quality and pointing capabilities if not dealt with properly.

Gyro Stabilized Systems with Precise & Fast Line of Sight (LoS) control

  • Gimbals inertial stabilization
  • LOS control
  • INS-GPS navigation modules

Inertial Stabilization Capabilities

The ability to maximize the active and passive sensors performances such as DRI, image quality on the target during maneuvering, stable spot, etc, is very much dependent on the inertial stabilization level of the LOS – a “shaky” image will lead to low video quality’ loss of detail, inaccurate pointing capabilities, low performance of image analytics and more.

All of CONTROP’s systems are gyro stabilized using 2, 3 or 4 gimbals. In the past 30 years, CONTROP has developed many stabilization mechanisms and algorithms, providing top-notch stabilization levels from 50µRad (RMS) for low resolution payloads up to 5µRad (RMS) stabilization level for a long-focal-length, long-range, high resolution systems.

CONTROP electro-mechanical LOS control is designed to provide a fast and precise gimbals movement. This capability, combined with special video processing algorithms, enables the performance of automatic scanning in high-rate and large-area throughput, ranging from 1 Hz (and above) to a few seconds ( for a 360° sector) and to generate a panoramic / wide area mosaic image coverage in high  precision (pixel level).