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EO IR Airborne Solutions


for Air Surveillance, Security & Defense Missions

CONTROP develops advanced electro-optical systems for a range of airborne platforms, including fixed-wing aircraft, rotary-wing helicopters, UAS and aerostats. CONTROP’s leading iSky EO/IR family delivers unmatched ISR performance for military, law enforcement ,Search & rescue and other paramilitary applications. .

CONTROP EO/IR systems are multi-spectral for day/night and all-weather operations, and can include high-definition day camera, SWIR Camera , cooled Thermal Imager and LRF. Operators can benefit from iSky superb precision motion controlled line of sight Gyro stabilization – along with advanced set of image processing, video enhancements and AI based algorithms such as AGC, VMD, ATR, target tracking and others. Our iSky family is easy to integrate into any mission management or C2 systems.

Each EO/IR system is tested and evaluated to ensure its best performance in most demanding standards for airborne equipment, including DO160G and military standards. CONTROP also has a long history of working with customers to achieve a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to modify existing platforms with iSky system.

  • ISR Targeting

    Aerial platforms play a crucial role in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and provide a significant force multiplier to military, security or law enforcement personnel on the ground. Data transmitted from an ISR aerial platform – such as fixed-wing, rotary-wing, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or aerostat platforms – are used for pre-mission planning, real-time updates during a mission, and post-mission debriefs that assess team performance and overall success. CONTROP’s high-performance iSky family are used worldwide for ISR missions and can be easily integrated onto a various of platforms, thanks to its unique high performance and low SWaP design. Our iSky system utilize the latest cooled mid-wave infrared (MWIR – 3-5µ) sensors for greater clarity during night and degraded visual conditions, as well as high-definition day sensors with optional laser range finder and inertial measurement unit. Surveillance can be improved further with the addition of a short-wave IR sensor (SWIR).
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  • Search & Rescue

    Search and rescue (SAR) missions are enhanced significantly with the addition of advanced EO/IR systems, enabling airborne crews to find people that may not be visible with the human eye alone. CONTROP’s iSky systems are ideally suited to SAR operations, whether they are conducted by a military, a government agency, or a private contractor. iSky systems provides a wide field-of-view  combined with an advances set of video algorithms which enables  a quick an easy detection  in large search areas CONTROP’s iSky-30HD and iSky-50HD provides the SAR operators enhanced capabilities during both day and night operations, as well as in adverse weather conditions. An Inertial Measurement Unit and Laser Pointer enables accurate locating of people in distress and can guide rescue teams to the survivor – either at sea or on land. An additional short-wave infrared (SWIR) sensor enhances visibility further in low visibility conditions such as haze and fog.
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  • Police & Law Enforcement

    CONTROP holds several decades of successful experience in police and law enforcement operations around the world, both for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Our iSky systems are ideally suited for the demanding operational requirements and challenging missions of law enforcement operators. CONTROP’s iSky 30HD and 50HD have been integrated with the latest mission computers that include augmented reality (AR). The AR feature combines all map data such as street names, on the real-time video. Our open architecture approach enables easy integration with different types of display and digital video recording (DVR) systems for the collection and dissemination of imagery, particularly for evidence gathering.
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