Bird Strikes Security and Protection

Bird Strikes Security and Protection

CONTROP's automatic Scanning and Observation Systems provide a proven solution for Bird Strikes Security and Protection.  The unique infrared bird detection technology provides air traffic controllers with timely information in order to neutralize the threat of bird strikes along the flight path of an aircraft .

The system provides continuous scanning of the infrared IR and day cameras to prevent collisions between aircraft and birds before they happen.  The unique scanning capability is provided after the aircraft has already left the ground - not only while the aircraft is on or near the runway during taxi and take-off.

This solution provides the airport industry with a cost-effective solution for a serious problem.  The integration of these comprehensive systems allows for simultaneous scanning for debris on all tarmac surfaces while also automatically scanning for birds as well as other potentially hostile targets, all at the same time.

The systems provide the following features:

  • Automatic Detection including scanning and target acquisition
  • Real-time warnings that bird flocks are in the line-of-site
  • Manual Control with a joystick in order to investigate any detected targets or areas of interest
  • Easy to use operations and user friendly interface
  • Passive System without electro-magnetic interference and without need for special certification
  • The possiblity to scan both land and aerial targets, all in one system
  • Permanent digital recording of output