Police & Law Enforcement

Police & Law Enforcement
CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd is an expert in Electro-Optical Sensors and Precision Motion Control Systems and has mastered a variety of products that serve Police & Law Enforcement requirements with proven reliability. Due to their reliability, these products are used in Police applications, 24 /7 in air, land and maritime installations.
There are several critical domestic and international Law Enforcement Programs which include CONTROP payloads on board Police Helicopters, Police Fixed Wing Aircraft and Police Patrol Boats. These programs serve to support Law Enforcement teams to provide comprehensive coverage and tracking.
In many countries, Police jurisdication also includes coastline security, protection, surveillance and control. For this too, CONTROP systems can provide the solutions – 24 / 7. Whether the requirements are for long-ranges, medium or short-ranges, CONTROP scanning systems meet the challenge. For detection of intruders – on the land or in the water (small boats or swimmers), surveillance and observation of coastlines, the CONTROP systems have been proven to provide the ultimate answer for Police and Coastguard requirements.
When it comes to Police & Law Enforcement requirements, CONTROP EO / IR products can be combined to provide optimum surveillance solutions.

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