Harbor / Port Safety & Security

port safety and security
CONTROP's EO / IR systems are proven for a variety of Homeland Security missions, including protection of  seaports and harbors. 

The systems are designed to work around the clock without interruption and without affecting normal port activities, even in total darkness and in harsh weather environments that are often characteristic of harbors and ports. Some of their functions include the surveillance of ports for security, safety of navigation and port management purposes.

Seaport Security

Automatic scanning and observation of all land and maritime zones for unauthorized activities. Surveillance of docks and storage areas. If intruders are observed, the systems continue with identification and tracking of the intruders and direction of security forces. This solution provides:
  • A "virtual fence" over the water - detection of intruders (small ships, boats and swimmers) from the sea before they reach the port or harbor area boundary.

  • A "virtual fence" on the land near the port / harbor detecting land intruders before they reach the fence.

Seaport Safety & Naval Vessel Control

  • Observe and track naval vessels at sea and at the port or harbor 24/7 with continuous zoom-in capabilities.

  • Scan naval vessels at sea and at the harbor or port for technical issues – with large magnification.

  • Support Vessel Traffic Control activities.

  • Provide situational awareness support for Port Traffic Control responsibilities including Water Taxi Control.

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