Maritime Patrol

Maritime Patrol
CONTROP  has mastered a variety of products that serve maritime patrol forces by air, land and sea.  Police jurisdication frequently includes maritime patrol and security, protection, surveillance and control. Whether the requirements are for long, medium or short-ranges, CONTROP scanning systems meet the challenge. For detection of intruders – on the land or in the water (small boats or swimmers), surveillance and observation of coastlines, the CONTROP scanning and observation systems have been proven to provide the ultimate answer for police and coastguard requirements. They can be coupled with the CONTROP EO / IR gyro-stabilized camera payload systems on manned or unmanned airborne platforms, or with the iSea maritime surveillance systems on manned or unmanned maritime platforms.
CONTROP's systems provide answers to most maritime patrol missions: 
  • Observe and track naval vessels at sea and along the coast– around the clock with continuous zoom-in capabilities
  • Scan naval vessels at sea and along the coast for technical issues – with large magnification
  • Support Vessel Traffic Control activities
  • Provide situational awareness support for coastal control responsibilities including Water Taxi Control
Learn about CONTROP's iSea Family of Maritime Surveillance Systems.