Land Scanning & Observation Systems

land scanning and observation camera systems
CONTROP has been developing and manufacturing Scanning & Observation Surveillance Camera Systems since the late 1990's. These systems provide an excellent and cost effective solution for any Defense or Homeland Security missions requiring proven scanning and observation capabilities.
  • Provide observation and panoramic scanning using a single system for operational short/medium/long ranges from 1 km to 20 km.
  • Include a unique technology of high resolution long range night vision surveillance cameras and a unique concept of operation (CONOPS) using continuous automatic panoramic scanning with an automatic moving target indicator (detector), making these intruder detection systems ideal for reliable perimeter security, infrastructure protection, border protection, air base security and more.
  • Are proven for boat detection for Coastal Surveillance, Port and Harbor Protection and more.
  • Are proven aircraft detection for Air Defense Applications (when the Radar does not provide a reliable solution).
CONTROP's variety of Scanning & Observation Systems include:
  • Stabilized systems for long range observation and for installation on tall mast or poles.
  • Unstabilized systems for short ranges and low cost solutions.
  • A variety of products which differ by size, weight and types of EO / IR sensors, as well as applications.
These products are grouped as follows:



  • Daylight Color Camera.
  • B/W Spotter with very long focal length.
  • Cooled or Un-Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
  • Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder (LRF).
  • Laser Pointer.