Coastal Surveillance

coastal surveillance system
CONTROP's Scanning and Observation Systems are proven for coastal surveillance and security from intruders by detecting swimmers, small boats and more. Whether the requirements are for long, medium or short-ranges, CONTROP can meet the challenge. Also for detection of intruders by land, these solutions provide the ultimate answer for coastal security.
CONTROP Coastal Surveillance systems were designed especially to deal with different coastline applications 24 / 7, without interruption and without affecting normal activities.
  • A “virtual fence” over the water (sea) – detects intruders (small boats or swimmers) from the sea before they reach the coastal area or boundary!
  • A "virtual fence" on the land near the coast– detects land intruders before they reach the fence.
  • Observation of intruders that were detected by other means.
  • Recognition, Identification and tracking of intruders and direction of security forces.
  • Scanning and observation of waters within the coastal boundaries, for unauthorized activities.
  • Surveillance and observation of all ships and boats as well as land fences near the coast.
CONTROP’s systems were approved as “the ideal operational intruder detection system” by the Israeli Military of Defense (MOD). They are in current operation providing coastal protection in a very large-scale surveillance and security program in Israel. They also operate in a large coastal surveillance program in Southeast Asia. Recently, following strict testing and approval by the US Coast Guard, CONTROP's solutions were chosen to provide protection for a strategic seaport in Europe, the important Gioia Taurro harbor in Italy. In many cases, these products were successfully integrated with radar systems, AIS systems and other sensors, to provide the Operator with full coverage of the area of interest.

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