Border Surveillance

CONTROP's Border Surveillance System

Border surveillance and protection requires a 24 / 7, day and night vision large area scanning system to detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders- be they hostile forces, terrorists, smugglers or illegal immigrants or others.

The border may be a mountain, shoreline, sea or urban area, and it may include areas where peoples' activities are permitted.  Sometimes the requirement is to detect intruders long before they reach the fence or border.

CONTROP's Scanning and Observation Camera Systems provide a unique surveillance solution for border protection because of their ability to scan and automatically detect targets in a wide area in real-time, around the clock. This capability can not be matched with the commonly used VMD technology.

Exercises showed that no human-operated system can efficiently detect targets in a 24 / 7 mission without automatic alerts – both video and voice. CONTROP's camera systems provide these, ensuring safety and protection around the clock.

The wide variety of CONTROP's systems are installed worldwide on many international borders with differing terrains, providing a reliable "Virtual Fence" where needed most.