Airport Security & Runway Protection

Airport Security

CONTROP's EO / IR systems are proven for Airport Security and Protection as well as Flight Safety and Air Control requirements.  CONTROP's Scanning and Observation Systems have been used at many airports and airbases for a wide variety of civilian as well as defense requirements.

The CONTROP systems provide airport security and protection by scanning and observing the runways and other airport zones for unauthorized activities.  In the event of an intrusion, intruders can be identifitied and tracked and security forces can be directed accordingly.

For flight safety, ground taxi control and air control, the CONTROP systemscan observe and track aircraft in the air and on the ground 24 / 7. They operate automatically, scanning and observing runways and other zones for a variety of safety and technical issues.  The systems support Air Traffic Control activties and provide 24 / 7 situational awareness support for the Air Tower.

Often an airport or air base will be strategically located along a body of water, and here too, the CONTROP systems provide a “virtual fence” over the water (sea) as they automatically detect intruders from the sea before they reach the defined boundary. The recognition, identification and tracking of intruders are key to protection and directing of security forces to the exact location.

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