EEZ Surveillance

EEZ Surveillance System
A country's territorial Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Waters are highly valuable assets that serve as a source of security and income.  Every country has the right and duty to protect its waters from potential maritime criminal activities such as terror, piracy, illegal immigration and illegal fishing.

The development and exploitation of maritime economical resources also requires improving the security and safety of maritime-based assets, including the protection of offshore and coastal infrastructure and shipping.

Shore and EEZ Surveillance solutions typically include a variety of Sensors (Optical, Radar, Intelligence and more), Broadband Communications Networks, and Command & Control centers, Patrol Boats, Ground Vehicles and Aircraft / UAVs etc.

The main challenge in EEZ protection is the ability to visually cover a very large area of open seas in real-time, 24/7, and in any weather conditions.

Incorporating a variety of sensors such as an extra-long focal length Thermal Imager, SWIR camera and special algorithms enables the operator a "clear view" even in an often harsh and humid maritime environment.     

This solution can cover very large surfaces of open seas and makes certain that there are no illegal activities in these areas.
CONTROP's systems can be installed on the following platforms:
  • Airborne platforms  - MPA, Helicopters, UAVs etc.
  • Fixed locations – Coastlines, Fixed Posts and Towers, Oil Rigs etc.
  • Naval platforms - Ships & Boats etc.

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