About STAMP Short & Medium Range EO / IR Camera Payloads

UAV cameras, Stabilized EO / IR Payloads
CONTROP's Short Range Stabilized EO / IR Payloads have the following characteristics:

  • Are effective for short range missions 1-3 km.

  • Provide an excellent low cost, low weight, high performance solution for operational ranges of 1000 meters, where gyro-stabilization is required for a quality image.

  • Include one Line Replacement Unit and are ideal for quick integration and mounting.

  • Are suitable for remote control platforms such as UAVs, VTOLs and UGVs and also for local operation such as airplanes, helicopters and ground vehicles.

  • Are two axis gyro-stabilized miniature, lightweight payloads, using three gimbals and are designed for installation on miniature and small platforms.

  • Include unique technologies for the mechanical gyro-stabilization and navigation systems.

  • Include a wide variety of configurations with Un-Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras with different optics, to match any night vision requirements or Day TV cameras for any full light requirements.

  • CONTROP's Short Range STAMP Payloads were designed for very low weight requirements, incorporating lightweight technologies and utilizing a lightweight dome cover and window, in order to minimize the weight, for Day or Night use onboard tactical "over-the hill" miniature UAVs. The STAMP Systems are available with a color CCD Camera with optical zoom or with Un-Cooled Thermal Camera with or without optical zoom.

  • CONTROP's Short Range VIEW Payloads utilize the STAMP technologies but with a ruggedized outer housing, in order to provide maximum protection to the system when installed on larger and rougher platforms such as helicopters, ground vehicles and maritime vessels etc.

  • The miniature size of the STAMP and the VIEW Systems makes them a state-of-the-art and cost effective solution with high performance in minimal weight.

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