Scanning & Target Acquisition Technology

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. became a leading pioneer in EO/IR Scanning Technology in the year 2000.

CONTROP's EO/IR scanning systems provide 24/7 around-the-clock automatic, panoramic scanning and target acquisition. The systems observe, detect and track unauthorized intruders by creating a “virtual fence” over the chosen land or sea area. As a result, intruders can be stopped before they reach the designated boundary or fence.
  • CONTROP's EO/IR scanning sytems offer short-medium and long range surveillance for a wide variety of defense and security applications.
  • The highly sophisticated systems provide wide area, passive, real time automatic motion detection in a wide panoramic view.
  • Stabilized systems are available for installation on high towers, masts and moving vehicles.
  • The systems have two modes of operation:
    • Panoramic Scan Mode with automatic target acquisition and in which the scan sector may be selected in azimuth and elevation axes and range.
    • Observation Mode with live video for intruder / target recognition, identification and tracking.