Our R & D

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. values and emphasizes technological innovation and is a forerunner in the field for new developments and in bringing new products and features to the customer.

CONTROP has brought many major advances in surveillance technologies - in fields related to electro-optical surveillance and reconnaissance, targeting & acquisition and ISR&T- most particularly in the thermal imaging technology arena.

The R&D team at CONTROP strives to make best use of the latest technological advances in the fields of electro-optical sensors, optics, inertial stabilization, inertial navigation, advanced materials, image processing and advanced electronic components, in order to bring forward the best performance and value products to the market.

CONTROP is proud to be valued by all customers as being highly responsive to technological requirements and suggestions - a task that could not have been achieved without a solid team of R&D professionals who are strongly motivated by a highly engineering-oriented management team.