Persistent Surveillance

wide area persistent surveillance systems
CONTROP's systems for Persistent Surveillance provide a wide-area high resolution image which enables detection of moving targets as well as observational capabilities.

CONTROP's Persistent Surveillance solution makes it possible to observe and monitor activities in a large area for airborne, ground or coastal applications. The live video feeds enable a large number of users to receive real-time, high-resolution imagery with highlighted moving targets, while downloading ongoing disclosures to the operator.

The integrated solution is best suited for monitoring conflict zones, force protection, harbor security, border protection, security of oil and gas rigs infrastructures, natural disaster recovery, VIP protection and general wide-area surveillance.Today’s diverse security challenges require monitoring of wide-areas in order to ensure capturing  several threats simultaneously.

CONTROP's solution features:


  • The systems provide visual coverage of 1 sq. km in real-time.
  • Due to the size and weight of the systems, they may be installed on Group 1 UAVs.
  • The information transmitted includes the manifestations of movements of designated targets.
  • The information may be used for maneuvering forces in a nearby area and as an intelligence image for further investigation.
  • The information is displayed with a special C2 application on a ruggedized laptop.
  • The operator may investigate specific areas using the live video imagery.
  • The solution may be integrated with other military systems.


CONTROP's Persistent Surveillance Systems