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FIDAE 2016: CONTROP Supplied Maritime EO/IR Camera Payloads for the Colombian Navy

Published on: March 22, 2016

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. ­– a company specializing in sophisticated electro-optics (EO) and infrared (IR) defense and homeland security solutions – completed the supply ofiSea maritime EO/IR camera payloads for the Colombian Navy.CONTROP has supplied a significant number of iSea-20 and iSea-30 maritime EO/IR payloads to the Colombian Navy, for installation on the new Colombian Navy OPV-80 and CPV-46 series warships, as part of the T-12 (0.50″ CAL) and T-25 (25mm CAL) Remote Control Weapon Stations systems provided by Thor S.A.S.  Some of the first warships to receive this advanced system were the ARC 7 De Agosto, the ARC 20 De Julio and the ARC Punta Espada.

CONTROP spokesperson reports that “the iSea family of maritime EO/IR camera payloads was carefully chosen by this prestigious customer, and due to customers’ satisfaction and the outstanding price / performance ratio, we expect additional ongoing orders in 2016 for the Columbian fleet”.CONTROP’s iSea line of 7 short, medium and long-range maritime payloads (iSea-10U, 20U, 20, 30, 30HD, 40HD and 50HD) was uniquely developed and ruggedized for the challenging and often harsh maritime environment and they provide solutions for most types and sizes of maritime platforms. 

Features include continuous IR zoom lens, gyro-stabilized gimbals and multi sensor options, which provide outstanding capabilities. The iSea systems can be installed on RIBs, Patrol Boats, OPVs, Corvettes, Frigates as well as special vessels like Hovercrafts and USVs, and can be integrated with the vessels’ systems. Ideal for manned or unmanned maritime security and defense platforms, the iSea systems are successfully operated and deployed by Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue (SAR), Anti-Piracy units and others. 

About CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd

CONTROP is a world leader in EO/IR gyro-stabilized camera systems for air, land, and sea surveillance, defense and homeland security applications. Established in 1988, CONTROP’s state-of-the-art Thermal Imaging Cameras with a Continuous Zoom Lens and advanced Image Enhancement algorithms provide proven reliable imaging.  CONTROP’s gyro-stabilized EO/IR Camera Payloads are known worldwide for their proven surveillance on SUAVs, UAVs, A/C, helicopters and other airborne and maritime platforms.  CONTROP’s Automatic Intruder Detection Systems are used around the globe for security of borders, coastlines, seaports and harbors by detecting trespassers, swimmers, small boats, and more – providing a “virtual fence” over water or land. 

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