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DSEI 2019: CONTROP Launches the STAMP-VMD: Video Motion Detection Payload & ‘Server in the Sky’ for Persistent Surveillance

Published on: 10 Sept 2019

Also to be launched at the event is the T-STAMP-XD, an advanced solution that enables forces to shorten the sensor-to-shooter loop.

10 Sept 2019 CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. – a company specializing in the field of Electro-Optics (EO) and InfraRed (IR) Defense and Homeland Security solutions – will launch the STAMP-VMD, a new addition to its STAMP product range, and the T-STAMP-XD, at DSEI 2019. With, these two solutions, CONTROP introduces a complete ISTAR concept – covering a large area and closing the sensor-to-shooter loop in real time.

Weighing only 1.3 kg and operating at the tactical level on Group 1 UAVs, the new STAMP-VMD is the latest product in the STAMP range of lightweight, ruggedized gyro-stabilized miniature payloads. Suitable for installation on UAVs of Group 1 and lower and powered by a quiet hybrid or electric engine, the payload is designed for covert flight beneath the cloud ceiling at 1500-3000ft to provide advanced video motion detection capabilities of areas as large as 1km2. The system’s optics can be customized to support larger areas or higher altitudes.
Uniquely for a product of this kind, the full system payload includes an embedded processing unit that compresses and edits data before transmission to the end user, overcoming the challenges of constrained bandwidth availability. Data shown on the screen is split into three sections: a map showing the target area’s location; persistent surveillance of the target area itself; and zoomable snapshots of any area-of-interest (AOI) that has been detected, to enable pinpointing of the exact area to be monitored. The system can send exact coordinates to control or to another UAV with a control payload, such as the T-STAMP-XD, to enable precision-guided munition for a direct hit even of a moving target, thereby improving mission effectiveness.
“We constantly strive to develop and refine our cutting-edge solutions, giving them increasingly advanced capabilities to meet the changing demands of modern warfare,” says Mr. Ra’anan Shelach, CONTROP’s VP Marketing. “The STAMP-VMD is the latest solution in this range of well-known legacy products. Its ‘server-in-the-sky’ technology is a revolutionary feature that increases the product’s versatility for the ultimate tactical drone solution on the market today.”
Also being launched at DSEI 2019, T-STAMP-XD is a surveillance and targeting system that accurately guides munitions using advanced laser technology, enabling a direct hit and reducing collateral damage. Along with the new laser designator feature, the T-STAMP-XD offers the same exceptional electro-optic performance and thermal and day sensors as its predecessor, the T-STAMP-XR, including a critical automatic video tracker function that enables keeping track on the target, even if there is a communication loss.

Although larger than the T-STAMP-XR, at just 5.7kg the T-STAMP-XD is the most lightweight solution in its field. Designed for use on Group 2 UAVs, this payload enables differentiation between targets, offering clear sight and picture-in-picture visuals, and is particularly suited to time-sensitive, moving targets. Hundreds of T-STAMP-XR units have already been sold.

“The T-STAMP-XD is a real game changer in terms of optics performance versus weight,” says Ra’anan. “While the T-STAMP-XD can be used in a stand-alone capacity, when combined with other products, such as the STAMP-VMD, it offers a comprehensive, integrated solution for laser-guided munitions, facilitating better decision making, more efficient battle management and accurate assessment of mission success. This is a groundbreaking concept that we are proud to bring to the market.”

The concepts being offered by CONTROP for wide-area persistent surveillance plus closing the sensor-to-shooter loop can be operated on a ground platoon level without the need for intervention nor support from other airborne/maritime forces.

Reading: DSEI 2019: CONTROP Launches the STAMP-VMD: Video Motion Detection Payload & ‘Server in the Sky’ for Persistent Surveillance