Gas and Oil Rigs Security

Gas and Oil Rigs Security
CONTROP's scanning and observation systems provide proven security to offshore gas rigs and oil rigs.  These infrastructures are not only vital to a country's economy, but also highly vulnerable to hostile threats. They are very strategic assets which are closely concentrated on a compact man-made structure built on top of a highly flammable source and located in the middle of the ocean. A small, yet hostile craft or swimmer carrying explosives could result in a potential security nightmare.
CONTROP offers round-the-clock 24/7 observation, panoramic scanning and automatic intruder detection systems which are optimal for any long, medium and short range within the area surrounding the gas or oil rig, for nonstop monitoring of unfamiliar objects and for the detection of suspicious movements. In the event of an intrusion, security forces will be automatically alerted to quickly respond to the threat while it is still at a safe distance.
The systems provide the following security solutions on gas and oil rigs platforms:
  • Detect various tagets - ships, small boats, swimmers etc
  • Target detection, identification and tracking – alert to security squad
  • Monitor and control all boat activity around and under the rig – safety and security
  • Long range systems enable long range observation for early detection
  • Long range systems enable securing and monitoring of nearby logistics installations and rigs
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