Surveillance Systems for Mobile Land Vehicles

Mobile Land Vehicles
CONTROP's Mobile Surveillance Systems include a wide variety of gyro-stabilized EO / IR Camera Payloads and gyro-stabilized Scanning and Observation Systems, some of which include Panoramic Automatic Intruder Detection and Recognition.
CONTROP's Systems can be integrated to various Mobile Land Vehicles including:
    • Unmanned Mobile Land Vehicles such as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)
    • Manned Mobile Land Vehicles such as Surveillance Vehicles and Trailer Based Systems
Scanning and Observation Systems that can be integrated with land vehicles:
    • SPIDER - Stabilized Panoramic Automatic Intruder Detection and Recognition System
    • SPEED-LR - Very long range observation and scanning EO/IR system
    • DANIS - Day And Night Integrated System For Up To 1 Km

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SIGHT Stabilized for Vehicle's Observation and RWS Sights:

    • SIGHT-HD – for Armored Vehicles and Remote Weapon Stations