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Published on: May 17, 2019 By: MÖNCH Publishing Group

At IMDEX 2019 in Singapore, 14-16 May, Controp Precision Technologies will focus visitor attention on the iSea-25HD compact, lightweight electro-optical/infra-red (EO/IR) payload specifically designed for maritime surveillance missions on small vessels in challenging environmental conditions. The iSea-25HD features a unique, advancede stabilisation system that enables a stable, continuous and uninterrupted line-of-sight (LOS) view – ensuring a very clear picture, even in the roughest of seas. 

The system is capable of interfacing with remote-controlled weapon stations (RWS), such as Rafael’s TYPHOON, maintaining boresight in conditions of shocks and vibrations. The iSea-25HD incorporates digital and mechanical compensatory mechanisms developed to significantly improve precision fire. This robust system withstands even the harshest environmental conditions, including fog, moisture, salinity and excessive splashing. Easily interfaced with other onboard systems, it offers a full solution for naval and maritime operations.

The lightweight, gyro-stabilised system provides maximum range surveillance using highly sensitive sensors, including a high-performance thermal imaging (TI) camera using 3-5µ IR detector with a continuous zoom lens, a high sensitivity color day camera and an eye-safe laser range finder. Among its additional features are advanced image processing and video enhancement algorithms. Applications include search and rescue, coastal and border surveillance, law enforcement and Coast Guard missions, economic zone protection, counter-piracy, illegal fishing and special operations.

EO IR Maritime Camera Payload System

It has been only six months since we initially launched our iSea-25HD payload and we are now proudly introducing it at IMDEX 2019 with extended capabilities, a result of an intensive development process,” commented Controp’s Vice President Marketing, Ra’anan Shelach. “The improved iSea-25HD payload has been designed in response to specific needs from an Asian client, to withstand their harsh, challenging environmental conditions
[….] Although these new capabilities have just been launched, the improved payload has already been purchased by customers from two countries, one in Africa and the other in the South-Pacific Rim. A third order is being finalised at present
[….] The new capabilities are based on the unique gyro-stabilised technology, which enables the iSea-25HD to detect even small boats [….] This maritime surveillance system has already been deployed and we are looking forward to installing the next-coming systems very soon.”

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