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CONTROP and RT help IDF protecting Israel border (by Jane’s Defence)

Published on: June 6, 2019 By: Matteo Natalucci, Jane's Defence Weekly

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has been using an observation balloon manufactured by RT combined with Controp Precision Technologies’s aerial gyro-stabilized electro-optical/infra-red(EO/IR) camera payloads for high-resolution image-based intelligence gathering and automated tracking of mobile and stationary targets on the country’s border. The system uses EO/IR systems to provide direct footage to the IDF’s forces on the field, allowing them to gain control over potential threats.

Different variants of this observation system have been reportedly used by the IDF in the WestBank, the Gaza border area, Lebanon, and the Sinai. The system is designed to collect high resolution, image-based intelligence to assist ground troopson the field during operations. It mounts Controp’s advanced aerial camera payloads, which features an EO/IR camera with continuous optical zoom lens with an advanced proprietary image processing and enhancement.

The system is gyro-stabilized in two or three axis, using three, four,or five gimbals.The camera allows for observation and monitoring capabilities, even in the dark, and enables automated tracking of both mobile and stationary targets. The playloads weighs as little as 0.3 kg for MICRO-STAMP Miniature Stabilized Payloads and up to 46 kg for a larger Multi Sensor Payload. The system utilises different types of sensors in each payload including a cooled or uncooled thermal imaging cameras with continuous optical zoomlens, an eye-safe laser rangefinder, and a laser pointer. CommentControp has recently unveiled at the IMDEX 2019 exhibition, held in Singapore from 14 to 16May, an improved version of its iSea-25HD EO/IR payload. The system, which is primarily designed to equip naval remote weapon station or gun turrets armed with 20 to 40 mm calibre weapons, has been improved with a new high operating temperature XBn IR detector with a640×512 format focal plane array, according to the company. 

Reading: CONTROP and RT help IDF protecting Israel border (by Jane’s Defence)