The challenge of anti-piracy protection has brought the CONTROP scanning and surveillance systems to the frontline for proven solutions.  The systems create a “virtual fence” over the water (sea) – detects intruders (small boats or swimmers) from the sea before they reach the vessels or the coastal area or boundary!
CONTROP systems provide the following answers to anti-piracy protection:
  • Observation of intruders that were detected by other means
  • Identification and tracking of intruders and direction of security forces
  • Scanning and observation of waters within the coastal boundaries, for unauthorized activities
  • Surveillance and observation of all ships and boats - 24 / 7
  • Surveillance and observation of land fences near the coast
  • Observe and track naval vessels at sea and along the coast– around the clock with continuous zoom-in capabilities
  • Scan naval vessels at sea and along the coast for technical issues – with large magnification.Support Vessel Traffic Control activities
  • Provide situational awareness support for Coastal Control responsibilities including Water Taxi Control
Learn about CONTROP's iSea Family of Maritime Surveillance Systems.