Lightweight Balloon / Aerostat Observation Payload System

The SPEED-A was specially designed for Aerostat applications and Aerostat constraints.The SPEED-A gyro–stabilization is in all three axes Pitch, Yaw, and Roll, and the mechanical
structure is very low weight to reduce the total weight to a minimum.
The SPEED-A system is a tactical, lightweight, balloon mounted, portable EO/IR, area monitoring and intruder detection system with real-time, electro-optical, stabilized detection characteristics.
The SPEED-A system incorporates a Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera with a Continuous Zoom Lens, a Color Daylight TV Camera, Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder and Laser Pointer.    
The SPEED-A has an Observation Mode with live video for intruder recognition, identification and tracking.
The SPEED-A system is operated and controlled by a Control and Display Unit (CDU) with an intuitive Graphic User Interface.
The CDU is available in two options:   
     - Ruggedized CDU – for mobile and field applications.
     - Commercial PC CDU – for use in climate controlled room.
Built in automatic target tracker and image enhancement algorithms.


  • Specially designed for Aerostat applications and for Aerostat constraints.
  •  Stabilization: Pitch, Yaw, and Roll (all 3 axes) unique capability especially for Aerostats.
  • Wide area monitoring and long range intruder detection.
  • Light weight with long range EO capabilities.
  • Sensors:
       - Thermal Imaging (TI) camera with 600 mm Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
       - Day TV CCD with 300 mm Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
       - Laser Range Finder for target position (coordinates).
       - Laser Pointer for marking targets.
  • In operational use since 2008.
  • 24/7 hour missions.
  • Image enhancement for low visibility conditions.
  • Local AGC.
  • Tracker.


  • Persistant Surveillance.
  • Intruder Detection.
  • Force Protection.
  • Border Surveillance.
  • Infrastructure Observation.
  • Anti-terrorist Surveillance.
  • Anti-smuggling Surveillance.
  • Oil Spill Detection.
  • Oil Pipeline Patrol.