Ruggedized Day/Night Optronic Sensor System


The FTA is a Ruggedized Day/Night Optronic Sensor System that can be integrated into a host system.
The system includes two sensors: a Thermal Imaging Camera with continuous optical zoom lens and a daylight CCD Camera with zoom lens.
All sensors are housed in a ruggedized and sealed metal housing designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as maritime conditions.


•  Ruggedized system.
•  Compact dimensions.
•  Easy interfacing with host system.
•  High performance Thermal Imaging (TI) Camera:
    - Continuous optical zoom – X12.5.
    - High detector resolution – 640x512.
    - Advanced image processing with local ACG (prevents blooming effect).
•  High performance color CCD Day Camera:
    - Continuous optical zoom – X22.
•  Integral Video Tracker (optional).


  • Observation - Short, Medium and Long Ranges
  • Weapon Site