FOX 450

FOX- 450

Thermal Imaging (TI) Cameras With Continuous Optical Zoom Lens

The FOX was the first IR Camera with a Continuous Optical Zoom Lens which has been proven in battle since the mid 1990s.
The FOX-Family of Thermal Imaging Cameras (Forward Looking InfraRed) are suitable for observation and scanning systems.
The FOX-Family Cameras have unique image enhancement algorithms for dynamic battlefield
The FOX-Family Cameras provide excellent quality images for every application and for all users.
The FOX-Family Cameras use a proprietary highly powerful Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
Optional: Flexible mechanical configuration to adapt to Customer's size, shape and volume requirements.
The cameras can be  supplied with an enclosure
(FOX-ZE) or without an enclosure (FOX-Z).


•  InfaRed 3-5 µm spectral range.
•  3rd Generation InSb FPA 320x256 or 640x512 (P) Pixels standard.  
•  Excellent quality InfraRed picture.
•  Unique InfraRed Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
•  Auto-focus through Zoom.
•  Quality Focus through Zoom.
•  Unique image enhancement capabilities.
•  Fixed CG through Zoom - optional.
•  Micro scanning for improved resolution - optional.
•  Housing - optional.
•  Compact size, light weight.


  • Observation - Short, Medium and Long Range.
  • Payload - Airborne, Land, Maritime.
  • Weapon Site.
  • Panoramic Scanning.