Electro-Optical Radar

Electro-Optical Radar

CONTROP's Scanning and Observation Systems provide Electro-Optical Radar for challenging land missions and requirements. These systems provide large area protection with low false-alarm rates, in areas that are often very close to authorized "innocent" activity. CONTROP's systems are tested in action to be proven and reliable.

CONTROP's systems include a daylight camera and/or a night vision camera, which allow the operator to visually check every alert, 24 / 7.

Traditionally, most wide area land security missions used a Radar System. But this did not save the need for visual recognition of the suspected intruder, so traditionally the costly systems include both a Radar System and an Observation System.

CONTROP introduced a unique concept of automatic intruder detection providing Scanning and Observation Systems which act like "Electro-Optical Radar" or "Optronic Radar" with panoramic scanning capability of large areas. These systems provide the visual recognition mission using long range daylight cameras and night vision cameras, both with a continuous optical zoom lens.

Like modern Radar Systems with track-while-scan capabilities, these systems can observe the detected target while continuing the scanning for additional intruders. This capability eliminates the common dangerous scenario of giving all the attention to the first detected target and therefore not looking for another target at the same time.

CONTROP's Scanning and Observation Systems can save the investment of separate Radar and EO Systems, or can provide a solution in parallel to the Radar System, using the synergy of both systems when operating together.

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