Customer Support - ILS

CONTROP's Integrated Logistical Support (ILS) services includes a complete solution of on-site and off-site support services, emergency and daily repair services, warranties and maintenance contracts. The ILS team works closely with the customer, combining engineering/technical and logistics expertise to provide full-service support.
The team’s expertise and responsiveness can help optimizing performance and extend the system's lifecycle.
The CONTROP team will meet current and evolving logistical requirements for assuring that equipment and systems have complete support for operational readiness.
Customer satisfaction is measured and monitored on an ongoing basis by high level CONTROP management. The Corporate and QA Management at CONTROP emphasizes QA related efforts throughout all stages of all programs and promotes and encourages an internal team effort to improve products, processes and practices used in the various divisions, as well as close communication and cooperation with customers in order to enhance the overall quality level of operations and to meet or exceed the customers' specifications and expectations.
Maintenance packages include repair efforts, spare parts and measurable SLA and TAT.