Research & Development

Below are listed some CONTROP’s R&D achievements that led to the creation of various innovative products in the field of EO/IR imaging and targeting.

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  • Ultra-wide Ratio Mid-IR Zoom Cameras: introduction of thermal imaging cameras with various focal lengths and zoom ratios to fit a variety of detector formats, including built-in unique image processing features.

  • Miniature Long-Wave-IR Zoom and DFOV Lenses: introduction of diminutive zoom lens for use in miniature payloads.

  • Miniature, Multi-featured, Inertially Stabilized UAV Payloads: read more here

  • Unique Panoramic Optronic Scanners with Automatic Intruder Detection: highly-sophisticated optronic payload systems, which are capable of covering very large areas. Read more.

  • Large Area Coverage Scanning Airborne Payloads: long range reconnaissance and acquisition payloads for use on board UAVs. Read more.