Past Performance

Since 1988, CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. has developed a wide range of EO/IR systems for air, land and maritime applications. CONTROP's technologies, products and concepts provide innovative and cost effective solutions for operational requirements and lead the world with new products of superb quality.
CONTROP's excellent relationship with customers and end users, especially with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) users, enables modifying the systems from lessons learned during operational and field use.
Since the early 1990’s, many CONTROP's products were developed especially for UAVs:
  • CONTROP developed the application and installed a still Film Camera (using PENTAX technology ) on UAVs for high resolution and high quality pictures (of line) – and on ELBIT's and MALAT - IAI's UAVs for their customers.
  • CONTROP developted and installed the first Stabilized Payload with a daytime CCD camera on the Scout UAV (by MALAT - IAI) for the Israel MOD in 1993. In 1993 and 1994, CONTROP supplied the first DSP-1 with an IR camera and an ICCD camera to the IDF. The IR camera was the first Thermal Imaging Camera in the world with a continuous zoom lens to be operational! The payloads were installed on the Scout UAV. In parallel, a very high quality long range Day TV CCD stabilized payload was supplied (ESP-600C) for the Scout UAV.
  • After the IDF began using the Searcher UAV (by MALAT - IAI), CONTROP supplied a new model of the DSP-1 with an IR camera, a TV CCD and a Laser Pointer. Since then, the DSP-1 was installed on the IDF's UAVs, including most recently on the Heron-1 (by MALAT - IAI). Over the years, the DSP-1 system was continually modified according to new requirements and new available technologies. Today, all of the Heron UAVs used by the IDF are using the DSP-1 payload and providing excellent and unsurpassed performance.
  • Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd continues to supply the CONTROP DSP-1 on their UAVs for customers worldwide, including daily operational missions for the IDF with the CONTROP DSP-1.
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. continues to supply the CONTROP DSP-1 for those customers which request it.
  • CONTROP developed and mounted the R-TARP - an EO / IR Line Scanner Payload which is installed on the IAI and ELBIT UAVs which have been operated by the IDF since 1998.
  • The CONTROP STAMP payloads for small UAVs were chosen by the IDF as the sole source payload for all small UAVs, following an intense three year evaluation test. The STAMP has been used worldwide on small UAVs and other platforms requiring a miniature stabilized payload.
  • Nearly all of CONTROP's payloads were initially developed for use on UAVs – providing high performance with low weight, and then were adapted for use on helicopters, A/C,  maritime vessels and ground vehicles.
Since the late 1990’s, many of CONTROP's EO / IR systems were developed especially for land applications:
  • In 1998, CONTROP supplied the first system which was developed to scan the sky and automatically detect any moving target in order to support air defense missions against slow flying objects. Following the developing requirements for this sort of technology, a family of products was developed and supplied to the IDF and to customers worldwide, providing a capability of long range observation and automatic passive Intruder Detection. Applications for these products include:
    • Security of High Value Sensitive Installations (such as Airports, Power Plants, Fuel Storage Depots, Oil Refineries, Water Reservoirs, Armed Forces Facilities etc.).
    • Coastal Surveillance (including small boat detection, swimmer detection, etc.).
    • Border Surveillance (against smuggling, illegal immigration etc.).
    • Perimeter Surveillance.
    • Ground Troops Security.
In mid 2008, a new state-of-the-art payload SPEED-A was supplied for the IDF for mounting on Aerostats (Balloons). This system includes stabilization in Pitch, Yaw and Roll (all 3 axes). This product was developed specifically taking into account the requirements for tethered balloons and is unique in the world for its extremely low weight and high quality performance.
CONTROP is known internationally for very high quality products, outstanding performance and reliable customer support.