Surveillance Technology

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. has a vast in-house knowledge base in all technological fields related to inertially-stabilized electro-optical payloads, for air, land or maritime applications, as well as all required design, simulation, test tools and equipment to carry out all stages of desig-through-production of all products.
CONTROP has mastered all critical technological aspects that are crucial in the successful implementation and integration of night-vision technological advances into cost effective products.
These fields of surveillance technology include:
  • System-level analysis and simulation.
  • Electro-optical IR sensors analysis and design.
  • SWIR technology
  • Night Vision technology
  • Optical lenses (zoom) design and assembly.
  • High accuracy mechanical design and assembly.
  • Electronic design- analog and digital.
  • Software design and implementation.
  • Inertial stabilization and servo-loops design and testing.
  • Inertial and GPS-aided INS systems.
  • Thermal imaging cameras, cooled and un-cooled.
  • Real-time image enhancement and image processing.
  • Video tracker hardware / software design and implementation.
  • Laser systems integration.