Our Expertise

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. has in-house capabilities in the following technological disciplines:
  • Precision Servo Motion Control.
  • Line of Sight Stabilization.
  • Precision technologies and mechanics - design and analysis.
  • Integration of various Electro-Optical Sensors (CCD, ICCD, Lenses, Thermal Imaging Systems).
  • Real time microcomputer software and hardware design.
  • Infrared Zoom optics design and manufacturing.
  • Inertial line-of-sight motion control using INS/GPS.
  • Video tracker hardware/software design and implementation.
  • Image processing / enhancement.
  • IR Search and Track.
CONTROP has the facilities to design, manufacture, integrate and test all of the hardware and software of its high precision products.
CONTROP's fine operations are characterized by:
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Full Product Support to the Customer