UVID 2019


CONTROP will participate at UVID 2019 on November 7, in Israel. 

Products to be exhibited:
- T-STAMP-XR – Extended Range Small EO/IR Gyro-stabilized Dual Sensor Camera Payload

- M-STAMP - Lightweight Miniature EO/IR Gyro-stabilized Multi Sensor Camera Payload for SUAVs
-STAMP-VMD 1.3 kg payload
-T-STAMP-XD 5.7kg payload
With these new additions, CONTROP will be introducing a complete ISTAR concept:
Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance and Targeting Solutions covering a large area and closing the sensor-to-shooter loop in real-time. Read about the STAMP Systems


To arrange a one-to-one meeting at the exhibition, please send an email to [email protected] and indicate the date and time that is convenient for you.
Read more about the exhibition in its official page here


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