Small UAV Cameras: The “STAMP” Family

The STAMP family of camera payload systems comprises various small gyro-stabilised payloads which were mainly developed for SUAVs (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

The STAMP systems are operational in many locations around the world and on a wide variety of airborne installations including installations in Latin and North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. By early 2016, CONTROP had already supplied 2000 STAMP systems to customers worldwide.

Some years ago, CONTROP was awarded a prestigious prize for Technological Innovation in Aerospace, in recognition for the STAMP project's contribution to Israel’s national security. Furthermore, the STAMPs were selected as the "sole source" by the Israeli Ministry of Defence for the Israeli tactical SUAV Sky Rider program.

Technologically, the STAMPs are the only miniature camera payloads in the world that have 3 gimbals, allowing for a remarkable stabilized picture when looking both horizontally and vertically. This high level of gyro-stabilization provides the user with a clear and detailed image, which is critical to optimal use, especially when using an uncooled thermal camera with a zoom lens.

The STAMP UAV cameras range in weight from just 300 grams to 3.3 kg (just over 10 ounces to just over 7 pounds).

UAV cameras - STAMP product line

Complete STAMP family:

D-STAMP-HD Daylight CCD Stabilized Miniature Payload

U-STAMP Uncooled IR Stabilized Miniature Payload

M-STAMP Multi Sensor Stabilized Miniature Payload

T-STAMP-XR Extended Range Small EO/IR Gyro-stabilized Dual Sensor Camera Payload