Air Surveillance

Air Surveillance
CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. specializes in aerial surveillance cameras and has mastered all of the disciplines involved in the development and design of Electro-Optical Sensors and Precision Motion Control Systems for this purpose. Through these capabilities, CONTROP offers comprehensive solutions for air surveillance and reconnaissance, with a very large variety of Gyro-stabilized Electro-Optical Infrared (EO/IR) Payloads.
CONTROP's wide range of airborne surveillance cameras includes over 25 different varieties, which differ by size, weight, types of sensors and missions, as well as in their mode of installation on various types of airborne platforms. CONTROP airborne payloads are appropriate for UAVs, SUAVs, Helicopters, VTOLs, Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Aerostats / Balloons and other airborne platforms.
The sizes and weights available in the CONTROP payloads range from a 300 grams up to 50 kg as well as a wide range of camera options in-between. There are additional CONTROP payloads for even more specific operations.
The applications and missions designated for CONTROP's airborne payloads, cover a wide variety of operational air surveillance missions, including but not limited to:
  • Search & Rescue (SAR).
  • IRST (InfraRed Search and Track).
  • Intelligence Gathering ("over the hill" and long-range).
  • Law Enforcement.
  • Military 
  • Homeland Security
  • Control.
  • Damage Assessment.
  • As well as any other missions which require integrated day and night vision capabilities.
CONTROP's Stabilized Payloads utilize very unique proprietary developments including the very powerful Continuous Optical Zoom Lens for the Thermal Imaging Cameras (up to X36), Image Processing, Built-in Video Tracker, as well as a very high level of stabilization, velocity, accuracy and superb quality and reliability.

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