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Law Enforcement Support During Coronavirus Times

Published on: May 31, 2020 By: Controp Precision Technologies

Many countries have imposed nationwide lockdowns in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. From drones and helicopters in the sky, to officers patrolling along the streets, the police forces have become very creative in the variety of methods to encourage citizens to comply with the limitations of public movement.

In most cases, the police have engaged many of the units to assist with crowd control. Patrol officers, municipal police headquarters, border police, traffic police and others are working together in the coordinated efforts. Police helicopters perform daily air patrols from up above, observing public areas, beaches, and shopping centers.

When a police pilot identifies an illegal gathering, the police teams on the ground are notified and sent to the relevant area. Sometimes police warnings are communicated from the air to disband any illegal activities.

CONTROP is proud to be a long-time supplier of Electro-Optic InfraRed (EO/IR) sensor payloads to many police forces worldwide and to continually support their ongoing operations. For many years, CONTROP has been an “eye from the sky”, for law enforcement and homeland security forces around the world by meeting requirements for many surveillance and observation activities from the sky, and to support the special forces acting on the ground.

CONTROP’s iSky50HD is a low weight high definition EO/IR camera payload with superior image quality. It can support a variety of applications and is particularly appropriate for long ranges. This world proven payload may be installed on UAVs, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, aerostats and more.

CONTROP's iSky-50HD on helicopter

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