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Homeland Security Systems: Success Stories

CONTROP has over 30 years of experience in providing complete intruder detection and Homeland Security systems to meet even the strictest requirements. CONTROP’s surveillance systems are in daily operational use in military, law enforcement and civilian applications worldwide. These systems are in current operation providing airbase and coastal protection in a very large-scale surveillance and security program.

homeland security systems

CONTROP systems also operate in a large coastal surveillance and protection program in Southeast Asia.

Recently, the CONTROP intruder detection solutions were chosen to provide protection for a number of major and strategic seaports in Western Europe, to the great satisfaction of its Operators and Customers. This was following strict testing and approval by the US Coast Guard.

CONTROP’s systems are a major component in the protection of the important Gioia Taurro harbor in Italy, where their versatility is proven in applications as a “virtual fence” over the water (sea) and also as a land observation system. These systems are also used in many other projects in conjunction with coastal and other radar systems, AIS systems and other sensors, providing target identification when needed most.

These are just a few of the many examples where the CONTROP’s Scanning and Observation systems have been put to the challenge – and have surpassed all expectations for proven success in 24/7 homeland security and protection.

For decades, CONTROP has been a major supplier of innovative surveillance systems for Homeland Security missions worldwide, including protection of AirportsSeaports, HarborsCoastlinesBorders, Critical Asset Installations and more.

CONTROP’s unique proprietary infrared cameras can be integrated to existing or new homeland security programs and can be adapted to different and diversified concepts and technologies. 

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