Airport Security & Protection

Airport Security & Protection
Airport Security & Protection
  • A “virtual fence” – detects intruders before they reach the fence.
  • Observation of intruder that was detected by electronic fence.
  • Scanning and Observation of runways and other zones for unauthorized activities.
  • Identification and tracking of intruders and direction of security forces.
Flight Safety & Air Control
  • Observe and track aircraft in the air and on the ground – around the clock with continuous zoom-in capabilities.
  • Scan aircraft in the air and on the ground for technical issues – with large magnification.
  • Support Air Traffic Control activities.
  • Provide situational awareness support for Air Tower responsibilities.
Main Features
  • 24/7 Day and Night capabilities – EO / IR for day and night operations.
  • Continuous zoom-in / zoom-out with day camera and with night camera – continuous optical IR zoom lens.
  • Interface with air or ground radar systems.
  • Autonomous wide panoramic scan and panoramic picture display.
  • Automatic intruder detection in real time with audio alert upon detection.
  • Multiple target detection.
  • Scanning, Tracking (automatic or manual) and Observation Modes of operation.
  • Modular system configurations.
  • Remote system operation.
  • Improved vision capabilities even in low atmospheric visibility.
  • Passive system - no RF radiation.
When airport security, protection and monitoring are a high priority, CONTROP systems can provide the solutions. Whether the requirements are for long, medium or short-ranges, CONTROP systems can meet the challenge. Be it flight safety, passenger safety, ground taxi control, air control or airport security, the CONTROP systems have been proven to provide the ultimate answer.
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