Mission Systems & Mast Systems

Mission Systems & Mast Systems

CONTROP's Mission Systems

A-SMS Airborne Surveillance Mission System

A-DSMS Airborne Defense Surveillance Mission System

CONTROP's Mission Systems are complete turnkey full solution packages especially designed for converting Defense, Police and Government Helicopters into advanced EO/IR surveillance configurations for a variety of missions including Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue (S&R), Fire Fighting and Coastal/Border Surveillance.

The systems are offered with a variety of CONTROP’s advanced EO/IR payloads, including the DSP-HD, QUAD-HD and SHAPO.

The systems include, in addition to the payload, an ergonomic Operator’s Work Station with a large display, DVR, Control Unit and Moving Map Mission Computer featuring Augmented Reality (AR), as well as optional capabilities such as Cockpit Display, Video Downlink and a Searchlight “slaved” to the payload’s Line-of-Sight.

CONTROP's Mast Systems

VMOS Vehicle Modular Mast Observation System

CONTROP's mast systems can be installed on a vehicle using a standard US trailer hook in less then 30 minutes and without any modifications to the vehicle. Full operation of the mast observation systems - including extending and retracting of the mast- is done from within the vehicle. Observation is done while the mast is extended and the vehicle is stationary, whereas the vehicle is in movement when the mast is retracted.

CONTROP's mast systems include CONTROP's EO/IR Camera Payload and Operating & Control Unit, a Telescopic Mast, a case including 12 Volt Battery and charger and a Pneumatic Air Pump to extend and retract the mast. The Air Pump is easily operated and includes automatic lubricating of mast joints, air filter and pressure gauge.

All of CONTROP's EO/IR payloads are gyro-stabilized and consist of a high performance IR camera with a continuous zoom lens, a CCD camera and optional LRF and/or LP. The systems display the Geo-position using the GPS, compass and INS.