• Passive lightweight InfraRed (IR) high speed scanning system, which is based on the operational and proven technology of CONTROP’s systems.

  • Advantageous over all other known scanning solutions, whereby it covers a large area for near and intermediate ranges, 360° panoramic scan at 1 Hz.

  • Advanced system for 360° high speed scanning for automatic target detection and tracking of moving human and NATO targets at a distance of several kilometers.

  • The TWISTER thermal imaging camera has a Continuous Optical Zoom Lens which could be used in Observation Mode for target recognition and identification.

  • Can be a portable system when hand carried by a crew of two people in a specially designed backpack. Alternatively, it can be mounted on poles and towers as a fixed installation.

  • Can be operated locally from a laptop or it can be operated remotely using Ethernet or RF communication.

  • Uses advanced algorithms for automatic detection for usage in maritime, airborne, and ground applications. The system has snapshot capabilities and it continues recording intrusion clips on an ongoing basis.