Air Defense System & Airport Protection System

The TORNADO is a passive lightweight “back scanning” Electro Optical InfraRed (EO/IR) high speed scanning system, which is based on the operational and proven technology of CONTROP’s systems. The TORNADO is advantageous over all other known active scanning solutions, whereby it covers a large area for near and intermediate ranges, 360° panoramic scan at 1 Hz.

The TORNADO is an advanced system for 360° high speed scanning for automatic intruder detection and tracking up to a range of 4 km for human targets and 8 km for NATO targets.  The TORNADO thermal imaging camera has a 165 mm lense which is used in Observation Mode for target recognition and identification.

The TORNADO can be a portable system (hand carried by a crew of two people in a specially designed backpack) or mounted on poles and towers as a fixed installation.
The TORNADO system can be operated locally from a laptop or PC or it can operated remotely using Ethernet or RF communication.
The TORNADO uses advanced algorithms for automatic scanning and detection for usage in maritime, airborne, and ground applications. The system has snapshot capabilities and continues recording intrusion clips on an ongoing basis.


  • TORNADO is a Passive Electro Optical Infrared high speed scanning Radar, based on the operational system technology. 
  •  TORNADO is a system for 360° high speed scanning, automatic intruder detection and tracking and for Observation (investigation and recognition)
  • TORNADO consists of a cooled Infrared camera, mounted on a scanner gimbal and a Control Unit, using an advanced algorithm for an automatic scanning and detection.
  • The system is operated locally or remotely.


  • Air Defense
  • Airport Protection