Micro Multi Sensor Stabilized Miniature Payload

MICRO-STAMP – Micro Multi Sensor Stablized Miniature Payload (Uncooled Infrared IR and CMOS x4.8 Continuous Optical Zoom) 

The MICRO-STAMP is a gyro-stablized micro electro-optical infrared dual sensor payload with an uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera and a CMOS color camera, mounted on a three gimbal system to ensure superior observation performance. The order of the gimbals from inside to out (in nose mount orientation) is: roll, pitch, roll, whereby the external roll gimbal follows the internal roll gimbal. The internal roll gimbal and the pitch gimbal always remain orthogonal. Since the gyros are mounted on the LOS, this configuration enables excellent stabilization at all pitch angles and the gyros signal used for roll stabilization is not decreased due to the pitch angle.


  • Three gimbals gyro- stabilized system
  • Miniature, single LRU gyro-stabilized electro-optical system, containing an uncooled IR detector and a day TV high resolution CMOS camera
  • Low power consumption
  • Very low weight
  • Inertial stabilization
  • INS on line of sight (using external GPS data)
  • Dual FOV IR camera
  • X4.8 continuous zoom day TV camera
  • Future Option: Video Tracker


Stabilized miniature payloads for surveillance and reconnaissance on a variety of Air Vehicles:

  • Small UAVs
  • VTOLs
  • UAVs
  • Small Manned Aircraft
  • Aerostats
  • Tactical Observation Balloons

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