Compact Maritime IR Observation System


C-VIEW Compact Maritime IR Observation System ((Uncooled IR Camera with x4 Continuous Zoom Lens or Day TV CCD Camera)

The C-VIEW is a light weight, infrared, electro-optical, gyro-stabilized payload, installed on maritime vessels (manned or unmanned boats) for night (or optionally day) observation and safety purposes.
The C-VIEW incorporates an uncooled IR camera with a unique IR Continuous Zoom Lens. The C-VIEW operates in Observation Mode, providing real time IR video on Patrol Boats, Ships and various Maritime Vessels.
The C-VIEW’s light weight and compact structure enables easy integration with a variety of vessels. It includes three gimbals and a specially coated Germanium window, for optimized performance in various environmental conditions.
Operation and control of the C-VIEW is by a PC (LT) or by a Portable Control and Display Unit or any other C2 system.
Compatible with Panasonic’s switchbox and keyboard or Panasonic Video Encoder Windows Operating System.


•  Uncooled IR Camera with Continuous Zoom Lens or TV CCD Camera.
•  Three (3) Gimbals Gyro-stabilized for rough seas.
•  Cost effective.
•  Light weight.
•  Easy to mount.
•  Ruggedized for high shocks.
•  Environmentally sealed (Nitrogen purged).
•  360° Observation.


  • Safety - collision and object avoidance.
  • Detection of floating debris.
  • Aid to Mariner.
  • Navigation Aid.
  • Environmental Monitoring.Vesse
  • Security.
  • Search & Rescue.

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