FOX 1200


Thermal Imaging (TI) Cameras With Continuous Optical Zoom Lens

The FOX was the first IR Camera with Continuous Optical Zoom Lens which has been proven in battle since the mid 1990s.
The FOX-Family of Thermal Imaging Cameras (Forward Looking InfraRed) are suitable for observation and scanning units.
The FOX-Family Cameras have unique image enhancement algorithms for dynamic attlefield applications.
The FOX-Family Cameras provide excellent quality images for every application and for all users.
The FOX-Family Cameras use a proprietary highly powerful Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.


•  InfaRed 3-5 µm spectral range.
•  A 3rd Generation InSb FPA 320x256 or 640x512 (P) Pixels standard.  
•  Excellent quality InfraRed picture.
•  Unique InfraRed Continuous Optical Zoom Lens.
•  Unique image enhancement capabilities.
•  Quality Focus through Zoom.
•  Very long range observation InfraRed (IR) camera.
•  Focal length (max) – 1200 mm.
•  Continuous Optical Zoom Lens x35.
•  Automatic focus through Zoom.
•  Local AGC Algorithms.


  • Observation - Short, Medium and Long Range.
  • Payload - Airborne, Land, Maritime.
  • Weapon Site.
  • Panoramic Scanning.